Diversity is not only a means to achieve something, but also a goal we should achieve. As a scholar, I will not basically accept an invitation to a gathering that does not match my policy, such as a conference symposium that invites only male and/or established scholars. I would strongly recommend searching for scholars from minority backgrounds, to promote diversity.
Exceptions do exist. I fully recognize that students, early career researchers, and/or researchers with ethnic-minority background (“minority-researchers”) do not have much network and feel hesitate to invite someone who they don’t know in person. Therefore, I will happily consider accepting invitation from such minority-researchers. My role is then to help them establish and expand the network more globally.

Thank you very much for considering inviting me.

Collaboration invitation

I am open to possibilities for collaboration, and welcome your invitation. Specifically, I would very happily help you model biological systems. At the same time, I may not be able to fully concentrate on invited projects, due partly to the projects I’m working on, co-projects I’m involved with, and teaching in classes etc. If you are interested in collaborating with me on mathematical modeling, please contact me with detailed explanations (key question, key calculation, and goals etc). I am a bit too busy to work on the “would you model this system somehow?” types of collaboration offers, but really happy to chat to make suggestions and comments. I do not assume making suggestions or comments means I should be a co-author; simply, I want to stay in touch with scholars for frankly chatting. Totally feel free to contact me!