Preprints are available upon request to my gmail: lambtani

  1. R. Iritani* (2023) bioRxiv
    Site-suitability difference and the expectation of species richness difference in stochastic two-subcommunity models
  2. R. Iritani*, Ontiveros, Alonso, Capitan, Godsoe, and Tatsumi (2022) bioRxiv
    Jaccard dissimilarity in stochastic community models based on the species-independence assumption
  3. W. Godsoe*, R. Murray, & R. Iritani (2022) Oikos (Editor’s choice)
    Species interactions and diversity: a unified framework using Hill numbers
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    Universal constraint on nonlinear population dynamics
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    Partitioning the temporal changes in abundance-based beta diversity into loss and gain components
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    The eco-evolutionary dynamics of prior selfing rates promote coexistence without niche partitioning under conditions of reproductive interference
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    Cooperative interactions among females can lead to even more extraordinary sex ratios
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    Temporal changes in spatial variation: partitioning the extinction and colonization components of beta diversity
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    Reproductive interference hampers species coexistence despite conspecific sperm precedence
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    Gametophytic competition games among relatives: When does spatial structure select for facilitativeness or competitiveness in pollination?
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    Host manipulation by parasites as a cryptic driver of energy flow through food webs
  14. R. Iritani*, E. Visher, & M. Boots (2019) Evolution Letters [Postprint] [bib] [talk]
    The evolution of stage-specific virulence: differential selection of parasites in juveniles
    There are quite a few typos in the equations of the publisher-version, so you may want to look at the appendix to reproduce our analytical results.
  15. B. Ashby*, R. Iritani, A. Best, A. White, & M. Boots (2018) Journal of Theoretical Biology [bib]
    Understanding the role of eco-evolutionary feedbacks in host-parasite coevolution
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    How parasite-mediated costs drive the evolution of disease state-dependent dispersal
  19. R. Iritani* & Y. Iwasa (2014) Theoretical Population Biology [bib]
    Parasite infection drives the evolution of state-dependent dispersal of the host

Other projects in progress

  1. Time-constrained uncertainty in ecology and evolution (with K Adachi and R Hamazaki)
  2. Diversity measures (with D Alonso, M W Cadotte, W Godsoe, S Tatsumi, and V Ontiveros)
  3. Species interaction and diversity (with W Godsoe and R Murray)



Other misc, in Japanese

  1. 入谷亮介:インタビュー The Big Issue Japan 特集「ぷらす“数学”」432巻 web
  2. 入谷亮介:『夢中に楽しむ数学と生物学』 数理女子 web
  3. 入谷亮介:「僕は論文が書けない」数理生物学会ニュースレター(ブログ版
  4. 入谷亮介(2017):日本進化学会ニュースレター “150 years of The American Naturalist”「アメリカ」の学会を肌で感じて考えたことと、将来へ向けて
  5. 内海俊介,山尾 僚,鈴木美季,塩尻かおり,入谷亮介(2016)メタ解析から探る,植物―動物間相互作用研究の新展開(1).日本生態学会関東地区会会報 64: 9-12.
  6. 入谷亮介(2014) 生態学会ニュースレター、書評:沓掛展之・古賀庸憲担当編集(2012)「行動生態学」共立出版株式会社 292pp.ISBN:978-4-320-05738-8